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John Winston received his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Wisconsin in 1966, completing his first year of law school as a college senior. Two years later he received his Juris Doctor Law Degree from the University of Minnesota.


He was admitted to practice in Minnesota in October, 1968. John has been in the private practice of law ever since, first with Lindquist & Vennum for 26 years, and then as Winston Law Office for the past 29 years. John was certified as a Real Property Law Specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association in 1990, the first year that real estate law specialists could be so certified.


John continues his specialized practice today. He assists buyers and sellers, lenders and borrowers, landlords and tenants, and owners, operators, managers and developers of all types of real property—industrial, commercial, retail and residential. John counsels individuals and companies, both large and small.


John prides himself on providing fast, efficient and effective legal assistance for all types of real estate related issues, at a price that is client friendly. Being an individual practitioner, John can provide direct, personalized assistance to his clients on a one to one basis without referral to other associates or office personnel.


We look forward to assisting you.

John Winston
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